Ding Dong

Ding Dong was Diverse Dance Studios full scale production of The Wizard of Oz. The show took place at Elmgreen School and took the audience on a wonderful journey meeting all the wonderful characters in the Fanatasy Land of Oz. We brought togther all our groups for an inclusive show stopper with full audience particpation.


Made In Lambeth


Southbank Neighbourhood Festival

Made In Lambeth has been organised by Se1 united, a youth led organisation focused on positive social change, education and engagement for young people. Made 2 Dance impressed the young panel so much that we were asked to close the perfromance at Southbanks, Festival Village.


Made 2 Dance perfomed extracts from Ding Dong and were extremely excited to be part of a platform representing young talent in Lambeth.


IDiverse Dance Studios was asked to represent Lambeth amoungst other artist at the famous Southbank Centre’s Festival of Neighbourhood. The festival celebrated neighbourhood in all its meanings and explore what it is to have and be a neighbour.


Diverse Dance Studios took along an inclusive performance to the Cloreroom Balroom. It was great to be part of the festival which celebrated the diversity and spirit of contemporary Lambeth.

Lambeth Country Show


Diverse Dance Studios perform every year at the annual Lambeth Country Show. All classes have the chance to show hundreds of people of their skills and show what they have been doing in class this year. Diverse are an established centre for Dance in Lambeth and South London. Every year the Diverse Dance Studios performance is highly anticipated and never fails to impress

Planet Diverse


These are the voyages of the diverse dancers. Join them as they embark on a sensational journey to The Planet Diverse


Planet Diverse has been Diverse Dance studios biggest show to date. 4 companies of dancers took the audience on an intergalactic experience through space and to the unique planet of Diverse. Here all the unique species of Planet Diverse unite through dance and celebrate all the differences of their world

Prop 'a' Rhythmic


During the Winter Term of 2012, Diverse Dancers experimented using props to explore rhythms. The outcome was fantastic and some of the most exciting choreography was inspired. Our dancers used their body’s, their breath and a selection of props to tell stories of Christmas soldiers, Christmas Elves and Christmas Dancers. Our students learnt how to interact with the audience and had their first experience of a theatre in the round. It was a real Christmas Treat

Set inside the world of computer games Diverse Dancers portrayed themes of famous arcade games and even devised new games. Insert Coin is catergoric to Diverse Dance Studios Biography as it showcased the ideals of the company on stage in a physical form. It blended the 3 Dance techniques Diverse promotes and proved that all the differences in Art and life can unite through movement. The show was a sell out success and we look forward to the next annual Diverse Dance Show.

Insert Coin